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Pet Services

Modern facilities, old fashioned care

MVC constantly monitors its services, equipment and training to ensure your pet receives the most modern and appropriate care. Our new clinic offers the latest equipment, dedicated work areas and makes use of the most up-to-date and safe drugs available. To achieve a high standard of care, some of our current equipment and facilities include:


Our vets offer 15-minute consultation slots throughout the day. This is 50% longer than the national average for vet consults of 10 minutes. We feel this is vital to allowing us to dedicate our full attention to the needs of you and your pet, without the need to feel rushed. As well as visiting us if your pet is unwell, our vets are also happy to provide and advise on vaccination, parasite control, nutrition, travelling with your pet; we also offer life-stage checks for puppies/kittens, adolescents and "senior" pets.

Our nurses also offer 15-minute appointments throughout the day, providing such services as nail clipping, post-operative checks, weight, dental and 'senior' pet clinics, as well as the administering of flea and worm treatments.


We use an x-ray machine with modern digital processing technology, giving us clear images in minutes. This results in quicker diagnosis and a shorter anaesthetic for your pet. This equipment is vital for investigating diseases of the bones and joints, as well as the "soft tissues" of the body. We also have an ultrasound scanner with colour Doppler technology for investigating tumours, cardiac disease and pregnancy and a 6-lead ECG machine for further diagnosis of cardiac disease.


We have two dedicated operating theatres, enabling us to perform procedures ranging from routine neutering to repairing fractured bones. A separate area is used for surgical preparation, x-rays, dentistry and other non-sterile procedures.


We use the most up-to-date and safe anaesthetic drugs available. The range of drugs we use allows us to tailor the anaesthetic protocol to the needs of your pet. We routinely use machines to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure during anaesthetics. During sedation or anaesthesia, there is always a trained nurse present in addition to the vet, dedicated to monitoring your pet during every stage of his/her surgery. Much the same as you would have in hospital.


Our range of laboratory equipment allows us to run blood tests (haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes) within the clinic, allowing for results the same day. In emergencies, we are often able to obtain blood test results within 15 minutes! In addition, we can analyse urine samples, skin samples and cell samples from certain tumours, all allowing for as prompt a diagnosis as possible for your pet.

Cat Friendly

We are an International Cat Care accredited cat-friendly clinic and take great pride in the fact we received a Gold award. This means we provide a separate cat waiting area with tables for baskets, a separate cat ward and that our team is trained to help make your cat's visit a friendly and positive experience. For more information on the scheme, check out the ICC website. If you have any questions, our cat advocates Lisa and Sam, will be happy to help.